SMARTdrill® Goes To Dublin!

The World Conference of Biomechanics marks the first Podium presentation in the world on SMD’s revolutionary drilling technology. Florida Institute of Technology’s (“FIT”) Scott Baskerville, Masters candidate in biomedical engineering presented his research with SMARTdrill®, “Evaluation of the Effects of Modified Orthopedic Drill Bits on Pilot Hole Drilling Energy, Orthopedic […]

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A SMART New Paradigm in Orthopaedic Drilling

The medical industry has made incredible advancements in the past half-century. From surgical robots to minimally invasive surgery, from space-age metal alloys to ceramics and plastic polymers that drastically increase the quality and longevity of surgical implants, the industry has come a long way. Unfortunately, for surgeons and patients, one major aspect […]

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