Density Determination

Smart technology to identify and manage osteoporosis and fragility fractures.

Only the SMARTdrill® can provide surgeons with instantaneous, intra-operative bone density and strength measurements – data that is lacking in present drill technology. SMARTdrill’s continuous, accurate, bone quality feedback provides surgeons with information needed to make important decisions regarding screws, locking plates, drill bit performance and bone quality issues such as osteoporosis, osteomalacia, and/or fragility fractures. Bone density feedback is essential to surgeons as they need to make vital determinations during surgery about the right fixation. How many screws will be needed? How long does the plate need to be? Will locking or conventional screws best promote healing? Is the drill being friendly to the bone? The SMARTdrill® can provide the answers to these questions. First, the SMARTdrill® will determine the bone density which will help the surgeon with implant selection. Second, and even more important, the SMARTdrill® measures both the energy used to do the work of drilling and to place the screws. This energy data gives important bone strength information. Drilling Energy (“DE”) and Screw Insertion Energy (“SIE”) both correlate with pullout strength (“POS”) of the implanted screws (reference the linked abstracts below). Therefore, knowing the energies, DE and SIE, will help determine the number and type of screws to place and will provide the surgeon with an intimate understanding of the construct strength and balance. • Provides intra-operative feedback on bone strength and density • Provides intra-operative feedback on construct pullout strength • Provides data to guide decisions on fixation solutions • Promotes positive outcomes and cost control.