Depth Measurement

SMARTtechnology that provides greater accuracy.

The SMARTdrill measures depth in real time, enabling surgeons to detect impending cortical and joint penetration at varied skive angles without the routine use of fluoroscopy. Using the SMARTdrill® consistently as a depth measurement tool enables surgeons to save time, improve safety and control costs. The device’s accurate depth measurements eliminate the need for conventional depth gauges that plunge, reduce the number of times x-rays are needed, and eliminate the wasting of screws that were too long or too short.

The SMARTdrill’s Depth Measurement Technology will reduce medical costs by hundreds to even thousands of dollars per case. For instance, 30% of surgical screws initially placed are the wrong length because of the inaccuracies associated with the use of wire depth-gauges. These wrong-sized screws must be replaced, which requires additional operating room time and x-ray exposure to both the patient and surgeon. Half of these erroneously placed screws cannot be reused and must be discarded.

Depth Measurement and Quality of Fixation Strength As surgeons know, the best fixation strength comes with the first screw placed. When a screw needs to be removed and replaced, pull out strength of the subsequent screw is approximately 13-35% less than with the previous screw.1 The SMARTdrill’s depth measurement capabilities allow for significantly increased success in first screw placement. This is extremely important in osteoporotic bone or in situations where screw placement options are limited. Screw placement mistakes have both a financial and biological cost. Approximately 30% of all screws placed are mismeasured and must be removed. Only half of those screws can be reused in the same surgery while the rest are wasted. On top of that, screw removal weakens the pull-out strength for any subsequent screws placed in the same hole, reducing the overall fixation strength of the implant. Studies show that the SMARTdrill® provides depth measurement to within half a millimeter, eliminating the placement of wrong-sized screws. • Eliminates the need for wire depth-gauges • Reduces the number of screws wasted • Supports strength of first screw placed in the bone • Eliminates loss of pull out strength due to replacement of screws • Reduces x-ray exposure • Minimizes adverse surgical outcomes due to inaccurate screw sizing

SMARTdrill® Stops Plunge, is Faster and Bests Accuracy of Wire Depth Gauges

In 100 measured trials, Variable Depth Control (VDC) technology provided real-time depth measurement and improved accuracy over currently accepted depth gauge measurement techniques for determining screw length in orthopaedic surgery, demonstrating the potential to save time and reduce costs associated with screw wastage from errant measurements.