The SMARTpath to Efficiency

The SMARTdrill® provides a new approach to orthopedic drilling that reduces the number of steps required from 5-7 steps, or even more, to just 2 steps.

Workflow with Standard Drills

The current method for drilling holes in bone for the purpose of placing internal fixators is rife with inefficiency.  These inefficiencies cost hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers millions of dollars per year in wasted implants and lost surgical time.  Even worse, it jeopardizes patient outcomes.  The SMARTdrill® offers a new and smarter path to efficiency.  

Currently, surgeons are forced to use a lengthy process (see diagram below) that involves drilling the hole, using a separate depth measurement gauge and often using x-ray to verify placement of this depth measurement tool, placing the screw, then checking the screw length with another x-ray; if the screw is the wrong length then it is removed and replaced with the right sized screw.  This process requires 5-7 steps.  The SMARTdrill® offers a simple two step process and dramatically reduces the need for x-ray.

Workflow with SMARTdrill

The SMARTdrill® provides accurate measurement of drill hole depth thus eliminating the need for the wire depth gauge. It will also dramatically reduce the need for intra-operative x-rays, will nearly eliminate wrong-sized screws and will reduce operative time. 

The SMARTdrill’s two step process (drill the hole and place the screw) is easy to learn. The SMARTdrill® gives the surgeon accurate real-time data to make the first screw the right screw every time.

The SMARTdrill® provides a smarter path to efficiency.