Opportunities for the Future

Invest in better outcomes. Any cutting device, whether a saw, burr or reamer, can benefit from SMARTdrill™ technology.
Bone Density Determined by SMARTdrill™
Only SMARTdrill™ provides real-time intra-operative data to allow surgeons to select the proper implants for the patient’s actual regional bone density. SMARTdrill™ technology is now more important than ever with our aging population and the increase in fragility fractures and other osteoporosis related morbidity. We see a future in which SMARTdrill™ bone density data is uploaded to a global database, available for researchers and physicians to collaborate worldwide for better outcomes.
Dual-Force Robotic Technology™
Earlier this year, SMD filed for patent protection on our exciting new Dual-Force Robotic TechnologyTM. We are busy in the lab developing new products. Once we have working prototypes we will give further details on this powerful new technology applicable to all systems that use medical robotics.