SMARTdrill’s technology and plunge prevention capabilities enhance safety and reduce liability costs faced by surgeons, hospitals and healthcare provider institutions. The fact that SMARTdrill® eliminates plunge is just the beginning. When surgeons are not plunging into vital structures there is less risk to the patient1,2,3– and risk to patient is correlated to liability to surgeons, hospitals and institutions. SMARTdrill’s accurate depth measurement also facilitates the selection and placement of screws and implants, thus reducing changes or the need for revision surgeries, improving patient outcomes, and helping to control both short-term and long-term costs of surgeries and medical care. High surgery success rates and better outcomes not only help surgeons and care providers avoid potential lawsuits, but also enhance their reputation, success ranking, trust and brand within their community of patients. SMARTdrill’s technology and performance capabilities are a game changer in controlling costs and liabilities as yesterday’s conventional surgical drills are now transformed into intra-operative sensing, robotic measuring and cutting devices that eliminate unavoidable human errors caused by existing drill technology. SMARTdrill® is an investment in better outcomes. To the right, you can see two pseudoaneurysms (circled in red) that were caused by plunge by drilling holes for the top and bottom screws.2

Plunge and errant screws that are too long can also can be a real problem during wrist fracture surgery. Approximately 15% of all extremity fractures are fractures of the distal radius and ORIF is often used to achieve stable fracture fixation. Unfortunately, up to 50% of these cases are hampered by tendon irritation and attritional tendon rupture3. Penetration of tendons, joints, arteries and/or nerves can occur intra-operatively by the drill bit, the wire gauge or the screws. Post-operatively, excessively long or errantscrews can further injury or irritate the tendons, joint spaces or neurovascular structures. The SMARTdrill™’s accurate depth measurement, plunge prevention and 3D awareness will help to dramatically reduce these types of complications.