Plunge Prevention

In operating rooms everywhere, everyday, plunge is an unavoidable fact of life. SMARTdrill® technology will make plunge a thing of the past.

Now, with one simple innovative change to their choice of power tools in the OR, surgeons, hospitals, and health care institutions will significantly enhance the safety of spine and orthopaedic surgical procedures. Tell your surgeon to chose SMARTdrill® with depth control technology! SMARTdrill® enables all surgeons to prevent drill bit plunge – consistently – when drilling bone. This patented technology not only accurately measures drill bit depth in real time but also allows surgeons to stop drilling at the precise moment, eliminating plunge and the corresponding risk of damage to vital soft tissue structures on the other side of the bone.

Despite fast reaction times and expert skill levels using tactile and auditory feedback, all surgeons plunge through bone.1 Experienced surgeons actually drill slower, with less force at the end to reduce plunge. Although this does reduce plunge, it increases thermal damage to the bone. Studies show that the average plunge depth is 5-15 mm for even the most experienced of orthopaedic surgeons.2 This plunge is even deeper in osteoporotic bone or when using dull drill bits3 and in loud operating rooms.2