Radiation Cost

SMARTdrill® enables hospitals to reduce the need for x-ray use thereby reducing radiation costs.

The x-ray emitting fluoroscopic “C-arms” are expensive to purchase and maintain. New and used C-arms can vary from $15,000 to $300,000 to purchase and require expensive service agreements. Staffing C-arms with technicians and then training technicians is an expensive undertaking for hospitals. Scheduling the staff and C-arms for orthopaedic surgeries can also complicate OR scheduling. Reducing utilization of C-arm improves safety, saves time, reduces cost, and liberates OR administrations to more freely use their staff and radiation equipment. SMARTdrill’s technology can facilitate any radiation reduction program. Unlike expensive CT, GPS, and MRI guidance and integrated robotic systems that espouse reduction in radiation exposure, SMARTdrill® requires no preoperative imaging studies for guidance. The SMARTdrill® is a hand-held robotic tool that allows intuitive intra-operative guidance with depth measurement, energy curves, and V-torq technology.