SMARTdrill® Technology has be extended to create the SMARTdriver. The SMARTdriver uses the same technology as the SMARTdrill® uses to determine regional bone strength. Once drilling is complete, the SMARTdrill® device head is simply converted from a drill to a driver. The SMARTdriver allows the driving of surgical screws to the specific torque needed. The screw is tightened precisely – without over or under torquing. In addition, the SMARTdriver measures the total energy used to place the surgical screw. Importantly, the “Screw Insertion Energy” (“SIE”) correlates strongly with its pullout strength (“POS”). SIE and Drilling Energy provide complimentary information on POS and implant strength.

Because SMARTdrill® and SMARTdriver Technology provide real time bone strength data and real time POS information, they eliminate the guesswork associated with implant selection, such as the choice between locking and non-locking technology.

• Provides real time bone strength data
• Ensures optimal screw torque
• Measures Screw Insertion Energy (“SIE”)
• Allows the proper selection of implants
• Reduces overuse of locking technology