The SMARTresearch™ device is a completely hands-free robotic benchtop drill that utilizes the same technology as the SMARTdrill®. By incorporating a combination of advanced technologies such as thermal cameras, thermocouples and motorized test stands, SMARTresearch™ creates a highly controlled environment for the testing of new and existing drill bits, cutting tools and implants. Data from the SMARTbenchtop™, the SMARTdrill®, and the SMARTdriver can be collected in a Global Bone Database. Now, hospitals, surgical centers, reconditioning companies and government agencies have a simple way to test the quality of reconditioned cutting devices.

Drill Bit Performance

This picture demonstrates the difference between a standard 4.2 mm surgical drill bit and a SMARTbitTM in two different hard bicortical bone models. In addition to torque and drilling energies, we measured temperature changes. The rise in temperature above 37oC was measured and recorded as delta T. Since bone dies at 50oC, the smaller the delta T, the better. The standard drill bit had a delta T of 8.6oC, while the SMARTbitTM had a delta T of only 2.6oC. Next time you use a drill bit, ask yourself what the drill bit’s expected delta T is for your particular surgery. In the upper left graph a standard surgical drill bit has flute clogging. The rising torque in the intra-medullary canal is indicative of flute clogging. Only the SMARTdrill® will inform you in real-time about the instantaneous performance of your drill bits, whether its clogging, drill bit dullness, or impending thermal injury.

Drill Bit Design

This picture demonstrates the ease of testing multiple drill bit designs in multiple models under multiple conditions. Drill bits can be designed to perform better for a given situation, whether it is extremely dense bone in a young male femur, soft bone in an osteoporotic wrist or a challenging spinal or pelvic application.

A Powerful Research and Development Platform As use of the SMARTdrill® results in the creation and expansion of safe zones in bone, SMARTresearch™ will allow for the design of new and improved implants. This powerful R&D platform is currently being used to design new and better drill bits, cutting tools and implants by SMD.

• Eliminates the human variable in R&D projects
• Provides a platform to begin building a Global Databse
• Enables the evaluation and recertification of reconditioned drill bits
• Provides thermodynamic evaluation of new and redesigned implants