March 12, 2016

A SMART New Paradigm in Orthopaedic Drilling

The medical industry has made incredible advancements in the past half-century. From surgical robots to minimally invasive surgery, from space-age metal alloys to ceramics and plastic polymers that drastically increase the quality and longevity of surgical implants, the industry has come a long way. Unfortunately, for surgeons and patients, one major aspect of surgery has not seen any significant improvements – bone drilling for orthopaedic, spine and cranial surgery.

The surgeons at Smart Medical Devices, Inc. (“SMD”) are offering a change. Something completely new. A product that will change the way surgeons operate forever. SMD has created a drill designed by surgeons for surgeons. There are no committees and no limits. There is just what is absolutely best for the patient.


SMD’s patented technology provides surgeons with a wealth of drilling information and a degree of control that far exceeds anything offered by prior drilling technology. The SMARTdrill™ is the only drill in the world that provides instantaneous depth control, depth measurement, real-time bone density, screw pullout strength, and live performance feedback. That means no more frustrating, inaccurate depth gauges, no more plunging beyond the opposite cortex, and no more guesswork when selecting the correct plate and screw constructs.

SMARTdrill™ provides surgeons with optimal drilling performance while they are doing the case. Until now, orthopaedic literature has considered this task nearly impossible because of the large number of variables involved in the bone drilling process: drill diameter, drill speed or rpm, drill force and feed rate (essentially surgeon arm strength and control), drill coating, drilling environment, patient bone quality, and others.

SMARTdrill™’s technology is made possible by its dual motor control system. The first motor controls the spindle rpm and senses drilling energy. The second motor retracts the control harp that straddles the barrel of the drill, allowing the drill bit to progress through the bone while simultaneously measuring depth. The combination of real-time drilling energy and instantaneous depth measurement on the GUI makes it simple for surgeons to see individual cortical widths and bone density.


SMARTdrill™ Technology also makes it possible for drills and drill bits to be designed, tested, benchmarked, and tuned for optimal performance. In addition, SMD’s technology opens new realms of possibility in the orthopaedic tool market and orthopaedic implant market.

SMARTdrill™ is changing the paradigm of orthopaedic drilling. SMD is giving surgeons more control by providing crucial real-time data to inform their decision-making. For the first time, surgeons can make their implant decisions using objective data.

Currently in its fifth generation of development, SMD estimates that its first 510(k) cleared model will be available within 12 months. The company welcomes intellectual input from other surgeons who are excited about seeing these tools become available in the OR.

For more information about SMARTdrill™, SMARTdriver™, and SMARTbenchtop™, as well as demonstration videos, papers and evidence-based research, please visit the SMD website.