Improve Workflow in the Operating Room

The SMARTdrill® Improves Workflow by Providing Absolute Depth Control, Instantaneous and Continuous Depth Measurement and Immediate, Actionable Intelligence on Bone Density.

Improve Workflow, Improve Outcomes, Save Money

Improve Workflow and save time by using the SMARTdrill® in Speed Drill Mode. Improve Outcomes since the SMARTdrill® eliminates plunge. Save Money since accurate depth measurement by the SMARTdrill® means fewer wasted screws.

Efficiency with Speed Drilling

The SMARTdrill® is easy to use and has a short learning curve. It will be a great time saver for you. The SMARTdrill® Technology prevents the plunge and provides accurate depth measurement of the drill hole which eliminates the need for the wire depth-gauge. Thus, it also reduces the need for intra-operative x-rays to check depth measurement and screw length. In addition, it provides the surgeon with real-time bone density information. The SMARTdrill® provides the surgeon with the actionable intelligence that makes the first screw placed, the right screw. The SMARTdrill® takes the guesswork out of the drilling process. It is the only drill that provides the surgeon with real-time actionable data on both screw length and bone density. Therefore, it reduces the number of steps necessary to place the proper type of screw and the proper length of screw the first time. The SMARTdrill® provides a SMARTpath to efficiency.

Speed Drilling - Study Summary:

Board certified, fellowship trained orthopedic surgeons were introduced to the SMARTdrill®. They were given a 3-5 minute introduction on how to operate the SMARTdrill® in both a diagnostic mode and in a speed drill mode using SawbonesTM models. Each surgeon then performed ten drill trials with a standard drill and ten drill trials with a SMARTdrill® in the speed drilling mode. The time to drill and measure the depth of each hole was recorded. The averaged results are as follows: 1. Standard drill & wire depth-gauge – 13.4 sec/hole; 2. SMARTdrill® in speed drill mode – 6.0 sec/hole. The SMARTdrill® saves up to an additional 30% of overall operative time because the first screw placed is the right screw in >95% of cases.

Watch the Speed Drilling video below: