Developing the Tools
for Smarter, Safer Surgery

Why launch Smart Medical Devices? Because we believe it’s time to simplify and improve surgery. For too long, orthopaedic surgeons have had to work with -and around- tools that have not evolved. Case in point, over the past five decades, the world has seen little advancement in surgical drills.

Today, the technologies and materials exist to design, develop, and bring to market the very best tools and implants for use by orthopaedic surgeons and their teams. We have the opportunity to change the status quo for the good of surgeons and patients – there is a better way. That’s why Smart Medical Devices, Inc. (SMD) is working to bring innovative, data-driven, user-centered devices to reality.

Helping every surgeon operate with complete confidence.

At SMD, we believe surgeons should have access to surgical tools and devices that deliver real-time, actionable data. Tools that improve workflow and inform decisions in the OR.

Revolutionary SMD devices integrate state-of-the-art technologies and fresh perspectives into smarter, safer, more efficient solutions that help surgeons consistently perform at their best every day, while also helping the healthcare industry address real issues like plunge, implant waste, excessive radiation, and thermal necrosis – issues caused by the limitations of current surgical tools.

Let’s the process of drilling, and placing screws.

Designed by Surgeons, for Surgeons™

At SMD, the concept of “designed by surgeons, for surgeons” is more than a slogan, it’s the foundation of our story. Smart Medical Devices, Inc. was created by three physicians who recognized the inefficiency and inherent risks involved when using current orthopaedic drilling technology, and believed there should be a better way. They just had to create it.

Now, surgeons and their teams have access to surgical equipment developed by fellow surgeons who have experienced the same challenges they face every day in the operating room. In other words, we get it.

Through diverse partnerships with orthopaedic surgeons, engineers, and business innovators, the SMD team is pioneering a better way. We are committed to leading innovation in the surgical power tools industry. Learn more about the SMD founders here.

We’re Listening

Every day, we’re listening to surgeons and learning about their needs in the surgical suite. We’d like to hear from you, too – about problems with the status quo, device workarounds, patient safety, and so on. Let’s foster an honest and open conversation about the challenges, so we can continue the process of finding solutions. Together, we can bring orthopaedic surgery into the 21st century.

Learn about some of the tools we’re developing next here.