SMARTdrill® Goes To Dublin!

The World Conference of Biomechanics marks the first Podium presentation in the world on SMD’s revolutionary drilling technology. Florida Institute of Technology’s (“FIT”) Scott Baskerville, Masters candidate in biomedical engineering presented his research with SMARTdrill®, “Evaluation of the Effects of Modified Orthopedic Drill Bits on Pilot Hole Drilling Energy, Orthopedic Screw Insertion Energy, and Orthopedic Screw Axial Pullout Strength” Some of his most powerful conclusions noted that for the drill bits tested there was significant correlation found between drilling energy and the density of the artificial homogenous bone blocks by SawbonesTM. Sawbones is the industry standard as an accepted synthetic test analog for human bone. His presentation also reported the ability to effectively predict the holding strength of orthopedic implants with SMARTdrill’s technology. He proposed many future studies with the SMARTdrill and suggested real world applications with a density measurement tool like SMARTdrill, safety and cost may be improved.

Congratulations to Scott Baskerville, FIT, and SMDinc.
“SMARTsurgery / SAFEsurgery”

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