SMARTdrill® Goes To San Fran!

The Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Society hosted their 27th annual scientific meeting in San Francisco.

This meeting marked the second podium presentation on SMD’s revolutionary vTorq® drilling technology in one week. Dr. Alexander Cherkashin, from Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (“TSRHC”) presented the research study performed with the SMARTdrill: “Comparative Performance of Conventional drills and Drills with Controlled Advancement and Real Time Feedback”.

TSRHC’s research team compared the drill bit plunge depth of experienced surgeons, orthopedic residents, and novices and found a significant reduction in drill bit plunge when drilling Sawbones, an accepted synthetic human bone analog.

Dr. Cherkashin concluded: “The dual motor drill significantly decreased plunge depth for both surgically experienced and inexperienced subjects. While inexperienced subjects performed worse with the conventional drill than those with experience, there was no difference in their performance with the dual motor drill. Further studies are needed to determine the clinical significance of this finding and to investigate other clinical applications of the dual motor drill.”

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Congratulations to Dr. Cherkashin, TSRHC and SMDinc.
“SMARTsurgery / SAFEsurgery”

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